Treatment Access Information for Kidney Cancer (DELETE)

Kidney Cancer Canada makes every attempt to track access to medications for kidney cancer in every province. The following information can be found in this section to help you navigate the treatments available in your Province/Territory as well and disseminate information on all approved treatments and the treatment guidelines for kidney cancer.

Treatment Access Information by Province/Territory

The document linked here provides information about which drugs can you can access through the public programs in each province or territory. If you have private drug insurance, you may have additional options.

Drugs Approved by Health Canada for Kidney Cancer

This document provides information on all drugs approved by Health Canada for the treatment of kidney cancer. Please note that access to these treatments differs according to your province therefore you should be sure to read the section above – Treatment Access Information by Province/Territory

Kidney Cancer Treatment Guidelines

The first consensus meeting of Canadian experts in kidney cancer was held in January, 2008 in Mont Tremblant Québec. A report was developed outlining guidelines in the treatment of kidney cancer. Kidney cancer experts met again in 2009 and 2011 and updated these guidelines. You can find the original guideline and updated guidelines here.

Current Advocacy Campaigns

Not all treatments are available in every province and not all patients are eligible for coverage. Join our ongoing campaign to ensure access for all Canadians regardless of province or insurance status.

Drugs Available to Help Treat Specific Types of Metastases

Some patients may require additional drugs to treat specific types of metastases such as bone metastases related to renal cell carcinoma. Although some of these drugs are not specifically approved by Health Canada for metastatic renal cell carcinoma (mRCC) physicians may be able to prescribe these drugs because they have been approved by Health Canada for use with other types of cancer(s). Currently approved treatments are listed here.

As not all drugs are not currently available under the public formularies for mRCC, patients will need to investigate whether or not these drugs may be covered through their private insurance, by a special access program in their province, or through a clinical trial. Remember to speak first with your oncologist who will best know whether this treatment could be helpful to you.

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