Exercise Guide for Kidney Cancer Survivors

Cover Exercise Guidebook ENGCongratulations on taking the first step in taking charge of your health! This resource guide will help kidney cancer survivors like you increase your exercise levels and limit your sitting time. Treatment for kidney cancer has major side effects such as fatigue. These side effects can continue post-treatment. The good news is that cancer research is now telling us that exercising regularly after a cancer diagnosis may help lower the risk of your cancer coming back, improve survival, and keep your quality of life.

We know that exercise motivation and sticking to an exercise program is a challenge for many people, but it may be especially challenging for cancer survivors. Cancer survivors often face long and difficult medical treatments that can make exercising seem hard and make the benefits of exercise seem less important. This exercise guide was created to help you add exercise into your daily life. The exercise guide is created for kidney cancer survivors who have completed treatment and are otherwise healthy as verified by their doctor.


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