Treatment Access Information by Province/Territory

Kidney Cancer Canada makes every attempt to track access to medications for kidney cancer in every province. Medications are only used to treat advanced or metastatic kidney cancer at this time.

The Access to Medication by Province/Territory link below lists kidney cancer medications that are funded according to the public drug plans in each province and territory. Some patients such as First Nations, Inuit, Canadian Forces members, RCMP, etc., may be eligible for federal programs and funding for their cancer drugs. 

Patients with private prescription drug insurance plans may have more access according to their specific prescription drug plan for their kidney cancer medications. Private prescription drug plans may cover some or all of the costs of your treatment. Please check with your individual insurance provider.

Seniors may also be eligible for extended benefits depending on the province or territory. Patients should also check with their physician regarding additional therapies that may be available to them through clinical trials across Canada.

Access to medications by Province / Territory

Patient Assistance Programs for mRCC in Canada

Kidney Cancer Canada makes every effort to stay informed about Patient Assistance Programs that may help patients access medications. In addition to the information provided here, you may find it helpful to speak with an Oncology Social Worker at your hospital or treatment centre, as there may be other financial assistance programs available to you. These Patient Assistance Programs are designed to help you access public or private insurance coverage as available to you. Patients are encouraged to call these programs to determine what help may be available in each specific situation and province or territory.




Pfizer Oncology Patient Assistance Program 1-844-616-6888 Ongoing program
Pfizer Oncology Patient Assistance Program 1-844-616-6888 Ongoing program
ABC Nexavar Program  1-800-NEXAVAR
Ongoing program
AfiniTRAC Patient
Support Program 
1-888-623-4648 Ongoing program 
In Reach Patient Support Program 1-888-475-4255  Ongoing program
Pfizer Oncology Patient Assistance Program 1-844-616-6888 Ongoing program
Access to Hope Program 1-877-967-6626  Ongoing program