Immunization with IMM-101 vs Observation for Prevention of Severe COVID-19 in Cancer Patients (COV-IMMUNO)

Trial ID: NCT04442048
Kidney Cancer Type: Any


IMM-101 is a type of immune-stimulating vaccine that was originally developed for the treatment of cancer. However, researchers have found that it may also help in preventing severe COVID-19 infections among patients being treated for cancer.

IMM-101 uses an inactivated version of a bacterium called Mycobacterium obuense to activate parts of the immune system that are involved in protecting against viral and bacterial infections. After receiving this vaccine you may be able to fight off these types of infections (such as COVID-19) better.

The Trial:

Participants in this study will be randomly assigned to one of two groups at the time of enrollment:

  1. Group 1 will receive the IMM-101 vaccine in three doses; received on days 1, 14, and 45
  2. Group 2 will receive active surveillance. This is called the “control” group.

Many clinical trials include a control group so that researchers can tell whether the effect is due to the treatment, or just reflects the natural behaviour of the disease.

The medication will be administered by injection into the arm.

Basic Eligibility:

  • Undergoing treatment for cancer
  • Must have at least 1 of the following risk factors for COVID-19:
    • Over 65 years of age
    • High blood pressure
    • Diabetes
    • Chronic conditions affecting the heart, lung, liver or kidneys
    • BMI greater than 40
    • Living in a nursing home or care facility

Additional eligibility criteria will apply. Please speak to your doctor.


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Hospital / Cancer CentrePrincipal InvestigatorLocationTrial Status
Hospital / Cancer CentreJuravinski Cancer Centre Principal InvestigatorRosalyn Anne Juergens LocationHamilton, ON Trial StatusRecruiting
Hospital / Cancer CentreLondon Regional Cancer Program Principal InvestigatorEric W. Winquist LocationLondon, ON Trial StatusRecruiting
Hospital / Cancer CentreOttawa Hospital Research Institute Principal InvestigatorRebecca Ann Auer LocationOttawa, ON Trial StatusRecruiting
Hospital / Cancer CentreOdette Cancer Centre Principal InvestigatorMartin Smoragiewicz LocationToronto, ON Trial StatusRecruiting
Hospital / Cancer CentreUniversity Health Network Principal InvestigatorGrainne O'Kane LocationToronto, ON Trial StatusRecruiting
Hospital / Cancer CentreCHUM-Centre Hospitalier de l'Universite de Montreal Principal InvestigatorDavid Roberge LocationMontreal, QC Trial StatusRecruiting
Hospital / Cancer CentreThe Research Institute of the McGill University Principal InvestigatorGeorge Zogopoulos LocationMontreal, QC Trial StatusRecruiting
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