Clinical Trials

In addition to the therapies approved by Health Canada, patients may be able to access several other therapies through clinical trials. By participating in a clinical trial, you will be helping researchers answer important questions that will further the development of new treatments and new treatment guidelines. Also, clinical trials often give you another option in your treatment plan.

Kidney Cancer Canada makes every effort to be aware of major clinical trials for renal cell carcinoma across Canada. As a patient with renal cell carcinoma, you may be eligible to access a therapy through a clinical trial depending upon:

  • Your sub-type of kidney cancer (e.g., clear cell renal cell carcinoma or other)
  • Your stage of disease (e.g., whether or not you have metastasis)
  • Whether you have had one or more prior therapies

For ease of reference, we have organized major clinical trials into groupings below according to where you are on the treatment journey. For example, you’ll find trials for patients who have just recently been diagnosed and are pre-surgery or clinical trials for those for patients who have already had several systemic therapies.