Our Mission, Vision, Values

  • To improve the lives of Canadians affected by kidney cancer
  • To improve the lives of those affected by kidney cancer across Canada by advocating for access to new treatments, promoting research and providing support, information and education


  • Respect for individual patients, their caregivers and family members
  • Integrity, transparency and accountability
  • Collaboration and cooperation
  • Leadership and partnership
  • Increase Kidney Cancer Canada’s reach to touch every kidney cancer patient beginning at the time of diagnosis
  • Unfettered access to ALL approved treatments for kidney cancer regardless of insurance status or place of residence
  • Increased awareness of treatment options for kidney cancer both with patients and healthcare professionals across Canada
  • Consistent, high-quality standards of care throughout Canada
  • Improved patient quality of life through support and dissemination of information
  • Increased funding for kidney cancer research
  • Develop a structured program to manage and expand the number of volunteers and support staff 

We are excited about the opportunity that exists to increase our services and support to Canadians affected by kidney cancer.

One of our founders, Tony Clark, loved to use the term “Onward!’ when it came to Kidney Cancer Canada -- a fitting word for an organization that is looking ahead to the future and the work yet to be done on behalf of Canadians affected by kidney cancer. Won’t you join us?