Patient and Caregiver Stories

Thank you to all the patients and caregivers who have generously shared their stories and experiences with our community.

In addition to the testimonials below, most of our webinars include a patient on the panel of speakers. You can find these testimonials under “Watch Past Meetings” in the News & Events menu.

Deb Maskens
Life on a Clinical Trial

Karen Ross
Caregiver to David Ross

Wally Vogel
Poor Prognosis to NED

Pat & Lynn Sevean
Patient and Caregiver Perspective

Amélie  & Christine
from Québec and Manitoba respectively

Doug & Ron
from Alberta and Manitoba respectively


Nova Scotia


Prince Edward Island


Andrew Weller
Hereditary Kidney Cancer

Deby Nash
Kidney cancer survivor and kidney transplant recipient

Dot, Russell and Kathy
Caregiver stories and advice o how to handle care pathways and survivorship.

Although kidney cancer is not very common, it can strike anyone at any time. Meet some of the people who have struggled with this disease and hear their stories in their own words.

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