Our Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Christian Kollmannsberger, Chair

Dr. Christian KollmannsbergerKidney Cancer Canada established a Medical Advisory Board in January 2009. This Board is Kidney Cancer Canada’s formal connection with health care providers and researchers who work directly with kidney cancer patients. 

The Medical Advisory Board works alongside with Kidney Cancer Canada to ensure that our activities and health information are relevant and useful for patients and caregivers. The main responsibilities of this Board are to:

  • provide oversight of health related information;
  • identify treatment and access issues;
  • provide a link to the Canadian medical community;
  • promote awareness of Kidney Cancer Canada among patients and other health care providers in their regions, nationally and internationally.

Board membership includes experts from a range of specialties and geographic regions across Canada. 

Dr. Christian Kollmannsberger is staff medical oncologist at the British Columbia Cancer Agency (BCCA) Vancouver Cancer Centre, and Clinical Professor at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Kollmannsberger trained in Germany before joining the BC Cancer Agency and University of British Columbia in 2004. 

His research focuses on genito-urinary malignancies with a special interest in testicular and renal cell cancer. This includes phase I, II and III clinical trials, the development of new therapeutic options and investigation of mechanisms of treatment resistance. 


Medical Advisory Board Members

  • Dr. Christina Canil (Past Chair), Medical Oncologist, Ottawa
  • Dr. Peter Black, Uro-Oncologist, Vancouver
  • Dr. Christian Kollmannsberger, Medical Oncologist, Vancouver
  • Dr. Daniel Heng, Medical Oncologist, Calgary
  • Dr. Geoff Gotto, Uro-Oncologist, Calgary
  • Dr. Darrel Drachenberg, Uro-Oncologist, Winnipeg
  • Dr. Rahul Kumar Bansal, Uro-Oncologist, Winnipeg
  • Dr. Anil Kapoor, Uro-Oncologist, Hamilton
  • Dr. Anand Swaminath, Radiation Oncologist, Hamilton
  • Dr. Andrew Feifer, Uro-Oncologist, Mississauga
  • Nesan Bendali, Clinical Trials Nurse, Toronto
  • Dr. Georg Bjarnason, Medical Oncologist, Toronto
  • Dr. William Chu, Radiation Oncologist, Toronto
  • Dr. Michael Jewett, Uro-Oncologist, Toronto
  • Louiselle Godbout, Pharmacist, Ottawa
  • Dr. Simon Tanguay, Uro-Oncologist, Montreal
  • Dr. Denis Soulières, Medical Oncologist, Montreal
  • Dr. Frédéric Pouliot, Uro-Oncologist, Quebec
  • Dr. Ricardo Rendon, Uro-Oncologist, Halifax
  • Dr. Lori Wood , Medical Oncologist, Halifax
  • Dr. Chris French, Uro-Oncologist, St John's