2) Write a Letter

One of the most effective ways to start advocating to provincial governments for access to drugs for kidney cancer is by writing a letter, specifically to your provincial representative.

The following will take you through the steps of letter writing:

  1. Focus on one specific issue and one clear question that you want an answer to in your letter.
  2. Address the letter to your provincial Minister of Health. Find your elected representative on this link.
  3. Take a moment to personalize the letter. In between paragraphs 2 and 3, write briefly about how you have been affected by kidney cancer (as a patient, family member, friend) and what impact medications have had or could have on your situation.
  4. Remember to send a copy to you local MPP or MLA. If you need help finding his or her contact information use the list above or e-mail us.
  5. It is preferable if you can e-mail your letter as an attachment, but many people chose to both e-mail and post their letter – it’s your choice.
  6. If you are comfortable, please send us a copy of your letter – it will help us to know what individuals are doing across the country.
  7. Please let us know if you receive a reply, even if it seems like a form letter. We’ll use those replies in future discussions with decision-makers across the country.
  8. Remember, Kidney Cancer Canada is available to help you along the way. If you have questions about writing your letter, contact us.

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