Drugs Available to Help Treat Specific Types of Metastases

You will find information here about drugs that may be helpful to treat specific types of metastases related to renal cell carcinoma. Although some of these drugs are not specifically approved by Health Canada for metastatic renal cell carcinoma (mRCC) physicians may be able to prescribe these drugs because they have been approved by Health Canada for use with other types of cancer(s).

As these drugs are not currently available under the public formularies for mRCC, patients will need to investigate whether or not these drugs may be covered through his or her private insurance, by a special access program in their province, or through a clinical trial. Remember to speak first with your oncologist who will best know whether this treatment could be helpful to you.


Xgeva (denosumab) for Bone Metastasis

For information about Xgeva, see the Health Canada Notice of Compliance.


Zometa (Zoledronic Acid) for mRCC Bone Metastasis

For information about Zometa you can go to the manufacturer's website Zometa (U.S. Site)

The following two articles will provide you with some research results on the effects of Zometa on treating bone metastasis in mRCC

In June 2010, Cancer Care Ontario released a Special Advice Report on the use of Zometa for mrcc bone mets. While this Advice Report is positive, you should check with your physician whether Zometa will be funded in your case.

Novartis has a program set up called 'Access Zometa' for patients who are seeking potential reimbursement support, need coordination and infusion support or are seeking follow up support related to Zometa.

The telephone # for Access Zometa is 1-866-281-4765