Hamilton Patient, Caregiver, Family and Survivor Meeting

In partnership with Kidney Cancer Canada and the Juravinski Cancer Centre, St. Joe’s UCCRI hosted a meeting for patients, caregivers, family members, and survivors of kidney cancer. Dr. Kapoor hosted this event, where he discussed the latest in kidney cancer management.


See meeting on the links below:


Dr. Sébastien Hotte, Medical Oncologist
Dr. Anil Kapoor, Uro-Oncologist
Dr. Marissa Slaven, Palliative Care

and Stephen Andrew, Executive Director – Kidney Cancer Canada | Cancer du rein Canada



  • PART 1
    Surgical innovations in kidney cancer management
    Current systemic therapy for advanced kidney cancer
  • PART 2
    Advocating for cancer care
    Palliative care and the role of cannabis


November 20, 2019

Kidney Cancer Canada