Jolene Willacy

Jolene WillacyIn May of 2005, I was diagnosed with Stage 1b renal cell kidney cancer, through an incidental finding. An ultrasound (part of my annual physical) had discovered a mass on my left kidney.

The kidney and adrenal gland were both removed during a laparascopic nephrectomy. The walnut-sized tumour had been contained within the kidney capsule, and was now forever gone, and recovery was unremarkable … except for those darned ‘ouchies!’

For me, the lack of information available to myself as a kidney cancer patient was more traumatizing than the actual surgery. As a member of the board of Kidney Cancer Canada, I am delighted to have the opportunity to help get the information out there to other kidney cancer patients, which I hope will assist them in making good decisions for themselves, and their families.

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