Annual Campaign for Kidney Cancer Research

Our fundraising goal of $160,000 for kidney cancer research has reached the $122,000 mark!

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Eleven years ago, at this very time of year, my urologist told me I had stage 4 metastatic kidney cancer. I had a 14-cm tumour in my kidney and a lesion in my lung – both were removed surgically in a matter of weeks. 

A few months later we discovered multiple lesions in my lung – so many you couldn’t count. Then came a lesion that wrapped itself around my spine. 

Thanks to oral therapy and exceptional treatment plans, I have been off all treatments for the past 6 years and today doctors cannot find any evidence of disease. And, I am not alone. I am overcome with emotion every time I meet a patient who has a similar result − an outcome I wish for everyone.

I know we are all living longer and with an improved quality of life from the benefit of research.

In the past year, your donation has allowed Canadian investigators to develop significant research. Together with the Kidney Cancer Research Network of Canada, you provided funds for research to look at ways of blocking the spread of kidney cancer, a study exploring how immunotherapy can improve outcomes and the promise of blood tests to improve treatment options.

This important work is only possible due to your generous contribution and we thank you for your ongoing support.

Today, we launch a new fundraising goal of $160,000 for more important kidney cancer research that will begin in the new year into improved treatment options and the search for a cure.

It’s a lofty goal, but I’m excited to let you know that every dollar you contribute, up to the first $80,000, will be matched – turning your dollar into two dollars. 

Your contribution is absolutely critical to help us expand kidney cancer research in Canada and improve the lives of patients. You helped us come so far in the past 11 years, but every day we meet patients who desperately need your help. It’s our hope that together, we can give them the same outcome as our growing community of survivors.

Thank you for your support and for helping kidney cancer patients in Canada.

Yours truly,

Stephen Full Sig 

Executive Director
Kidney Cancer Canada

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