Different Kinds of Advocacy

There are two different kinds of advocacy; personal and issue-based.

Personal advocacy is the typical way one starts to engage. An issue that affects you or a loved-one, like kidney cancer, compels you to take action. You’re not looking to change the world; you just want to get help.

Issue-based advocacy evolves when people start to realize they have an opportunity to bring about larger public policy change by advocating for broadly-based issues. They can not only help themselves, but help others who maybe can’t make their voices heard.

The people who ‘graduate’ from personal to issue-based advocacy make the greatest impact through their efforts.

The Three Pillars of Advocacy

As with most things in life, preparation is essential in advocacy. You must be able to identify and explain your issues using the tools at your disposal. Effective and successful advocacy has several components.

The three pillars of advocacy are:


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