Breathomics as a Predictor of Immunotherapy Response

Trial ID: NCT04146064
Kidney Cancer Type: Any


Immunotherapy is a common treatment for patients with advanced kidney cancer. This includes drugs that you may have heard of, such as Ipilimumab (Yervoy®) or Nivolumab (Opdivo®), which work by reactivating the body’s immune response to destroy cancer cells.

Determining which patients will respond positively to immunotherapy is an active area of cancer research.

This study will explore whether compounds found in your breath, called “Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)”, can be used to predict how you will respond to immunotherapy treatment.

The Trial:

This study will investigate the use of a device called an “eNose” to detect various compounds in your breath. Patients on this trial will be asked to provide a breath sample every 12 weeks during their cancer treatment, as well as complete a detailed questionnaire.

Basic Eligibility:

  • Cancer has spread or cannot be removed by surgery
  • Must be receiving, or plan to receive, immunotherapy treatment

Additional eligibility criteria will apply. Please speak to your doctor.


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Hospital / Cancer CentrePrincipal InvestigatorLocationTrial Status
Hospital / Cancer CentrePrincess Margaret Cancer Centre Principal InvestigatorDr. Sabine Schmid LocationToronto, ON Trial StatusActive, not recruiting
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