Personalized Medicine Using Patient Derived Xenografts (PDX) for Kidney Cancer

Trial ID: NCT04602702
Kidney Cancer Type: Any


“Patient-derived xenografting” is a technology that allows human cancers to be taken from a patient and implanted into research animals for study. Using this approach, cancer drugs and other types of treatment can be tested on the xenograft to see how well they work before they are administered to the patient.

In this study, the researchers are using a technology called “PDXovo” which uses chicken embryos to cultivate and grow human cancer cells. This new approach may be superior to the conventional approach of using laboratory mice because chicken embryos do not have their own immune system and grow much faster than mice.

The Trial:

In this study, the researchers will take a sample of your tumour using a minimally invasive procedure. The sampled tumour cells will be cultivated in a chicken embryo and allowed to grow for several days. Once the tumour has begun to grow, the xenograft will be treated with a number of anti-cancer therapies: Sunitinib, Pazopanib, Axitinib, Temsirolimus, Cabozantinib, and Gemcitabine.

The different treatments will be compared using ultrasound imaging to determine which drug caused the greatest shrinkage of the xenografted tumour. However, the resulting information will not be used in intervene in your oncologists chosen course of clinical care.

Basic Eligibility:

  • Any subtype of kidney cancer
  • If cancer is still localized to the kidney, the patient must be scheduled to receive a nephrectomy
  • If cancer has spread to other parts of the body, a sample of the metastasis must be biopsied

Additional eligibility criteria will apply. Please speak to your doctor.


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Hospital / Cancer CentreOdette Cancer Centre Principal InvestigatorElyse Watkins LocationToronto, ON Trial StatusRecruiting
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