Videos, Webinars, Workshops

Videos, Webinars, Workshops


KCCNN will make every effort to maintain an updated list of resources. Please advise us if you know of any additional videos, webinars, workshops that might be of interest to our members, by emailing us at kccnninfo@kidneycancercanada.ca.

NCCN 2012 Congress Webinar Series: Genitourinary Cancers

Recorded webcasts are now available online for viewing at your convenience. Learn how to implement the NCCN Guidelines recommendations into your practice and gain a clear understanding of the most up-to-date treatment recommendations for kidney cancer.

Clinical Thought™

  • Expert Insight Into Optimal Treatment for Individuals With Advanced Renal Cell Cancer
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Kidney Cancer Update

Jennifer Knox, MD, MSc, FRCPC

  • Update on the Management of Kidney Cancer
Kidney Cancer Canada