Adjuvant Therapy

This information session focuses on learning about adjuvant therapy with leading kidney cancer specialists, Dr. Rahul Bansal, Uro-Oncolgist and Dr. Aly-Khan Lalani, Medical Oncologist.

Adjuvant therapy is additional treatment given after cancer surgery when there is no sign of remaining cancer. It is for patients with kidney cancer that has not spread (localized) and who are at high risk of renal cell carcinoma (RCC) coming back after having kidney surgery. The goal of adjuvant therapy is to prevent or delay the cancer from returning and potentially to prolong patients’ lives.

The aim of this session is to help you better understand adjuvant therapy and discuss treatment options with your doctor when determining how to best proceed with your care after surgery.

View decision aid here
  • Introduction & Honouring Dr. Anil Kapoor
  • Dr. Rahul Bansal, Uro-Oncologist
  • Dr. Aly-Khan Lalani, Medical Oncologist
  • Presenting the Adjuvant Therapy Decision Aid
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