There is Hope for Kidney Cancer Patients

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There is Hope for Kidney Cancer Patients
by Sarah Chow

THUNDER BAY – HEALTH – Kidney cancer is not as common as breast or prostate cancer. We don’t often hear about it in the media, or think about it when we consider our health risks. However, it’s estimated that in 2015, 6,200 Canadians will be diagnosed with kidney cancer and 1,800 will die from it – a surprisingly large number to read for the first time.

“Kidney cancer is a serious cancer. We call it a ‘silent killer’ because most kidney cancers are found incidentally, similar to ovarian or pancreatic cancers. That is to say that we aren’t necessarily looking for cancer but we find it by coincidence,” explains Dr. Anil Kapoor, leading researcher and uro-oncologist with the McMaster Institute of Urology at St. Joseph’s Healthcare in Hamilton and Chair of Kidney Cancer Canada’s Medical Advisory Board. “Often the first sign of kidney cancer is blood in the urine or pain in the side. If you have blood in your urine or abdomen pain you should see your family doctor right away.” Read more»

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