2023 Holiday Campaign

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As the snow begins to fall, we start to consider meaningful gifts we will be giving this holiday season and Kidney Cancer Canada would love for you to give the gift of hope.

Sadly, the number of those diagnosed grows each year, including younger people at an increased rate but with the support of personal donations and corporate grants our support and research continues and remains committed to improving this statistic.

We, at Kidney Cancer Canada strive to improve the lives of those affected by kidney cancer by supporting our patients with a genuine dedication to access the best care.

We all want to be assured that what we do and what we give is making a difference. Your donation does! Allow us to share a number of ways of how your support through donation directly impacts the lives of patients and loved ones.

Ongoing research to discover a biomarker permitting early detection of the disease. Currently, the discovery of kidney cancer is generally found incidentally to other symptoms that have presented.

Ongoing research of new and better treatments with more manageable side effects; deliver a better quality of life.

Provision of accessible support and educational materials to answer those heartfelt questions by patients and caregivers; supporting the newly diagnosed and aiding experienced patients with challenges they face along their care path.

Advocacy at every level with government, medical and pharmaceutical partners. Forever presenting needs and concerns on behalf of our patients.

It’s true that hope and belief has its role when dealing with illness, but our pillars: support, education, advocacy, and research are sustained by your donation for patients living with kidney cancer, providing resources for patients and caregivers, education, new treatment opportunities and new medical research, which we work hard to provide and improve for all of those affected.


Every donation makes a difference!
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Kidney Cancer Canada