GiveShop Spring Cleaning Campaign

Let’s turn our Spring Cleaning into donation dollars to Kidney Cancer Canada!
May 1 – June 21


GiveShop is an online platform where you can buy or sell used items. The platform is similar to Kijiji except that your sold item is a direct donation to Kidney Cancer Canada. A tax receipt from Kidney Cancer Canada will be issued for the sale amount. Simply download the GiveShop app and upload items to sell and choose Kidney Cancer Canada as your charity of choice.

Let’s have our community garage sale between us. Find 1 to 5 items to post to the GiveShop app. We will monitor items on sale for Kidney Cancer Canada and promote them on our social media pages. We encourage you to do the same by sharing items with your friends and family and ask them to promote as well.

You never know, we may find the item we were looking for within our community!

Kidney Cancer Canada