Overview of highlights from ASCO GU 2024

Excellent summaries highlighting the latest information on genitourinary cancers presented at the ASCO GU Symposium in January. Here is an overview of the kidney cancer highlights cancer explained by trusted sources.

The International Kidney Cancer Coalition (IKCC) attended the ASCO-GU conference in January and has once again summarized the key findings for the benefit of kidney cancer patient associations around the world.

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The View on GU | with Lalani & Wallis is a new podcast with Dr. Aly-Khan Lalani and Dr. Christopher Wallis discussing the ever-changing landscape of genitourinary cancers. Filmed live at the 2024 ASCO-GU Symposium, this episode features a discussion on kidney cancer, the survival outcomes for adjuvant therapy, and exciting updated datasets.

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The Canadian Urological Association hosted a webinar on highlights from the 2024 ASCO GU Symposium on kidney, bladder and prostate cancer. Dr Jeffrey Graham gives an excellent overview of the key highlights on kidney cancer.

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