Research Survey: McMaster University Health Sciences

McMaster University Health Sciences is asking kidney cancer patients to consider completing an online research survey about treatment options.


The purpose of the survey is to explore participants’ values about 4 possible treatment options for early stage kidney cancer.

Early stage kidney cancer can be treated with surgery, ablation (can be with either heat, ice, or microwaves), radiation, or surveillance by delaying treatment until the tumour grows on scans. They hope to find out what parts of treatment are most important for patients to make a treatment decision.

Who can participate:

  • Anyone who is 18 years of age or older
  • Lives in Canada
  • Speaks English
  • Has previously been diagnosed with kidney cancer

The study is being conducted by Dr. Anand Swaminath and Dr. Samantha Sigurdson, Mc Master University Health Sciences.

Contact information:
Dr. Samantha Sigurdson


Click here to take the survey
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