Stronger support through our partnership with the Quebec Cancer Foundation

To strengthen our support for people affected by cancer, we are partnering with the Quebec Cancer Foundation.


In recent years, considerable progress has been made in reducing cancer incidence and mortality. These advances have enriched our knowledge of the origins of cancer, how it develops and the most effective strategies for its prevention and treatment. Despite these advances, the number of new cases of cancer continues to rise, mainly due to demographic growth and an ageing population. This is why the mission of our organisations is so important. While others focus on the disease itself, we focus on people and their well-being.

“We are pleased to join forces with the Quebec Cancer Foundation to enhance services for our community, particularly through the complementary therapies offered by the Foundation. Our organisation is resolutely focused on the future and aware of the challenges that lie ahead to better support Canadians affected by kidney cancer. This partnership is another step in the right direction, and we are very excited about it,” said Christine Collins, Executive Director, Kidney Cancer Canada.

The Quebec Cancer Foundation is a charitable organization that provides day-to-day support to people with cancer and their loved ones through information services, psychological support, complementary therapies, accommodation, and financial and legal assistance.

“Together, we will work to improve the quality of life for more people affected by cancer, both in Quebec and nationally. We will be there to listen, inform, comfort, and support them at every stage of their cancer journey. It’s thanks to partnerships like this and the ongoing efforts of various organisations in our field that we are making progress in supporting cancer patients and their families, an essential mission,” says Marco Décelles, General Manager, Quebec Cancer Foundation.

By joining forces to improve access to services, we are achieving our common goal of improving the daily well-being of cancer patients and their loved ones.

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