World Kidney Cancer Day | 2022

June 16 is World Kidney Cancer Day.

It’s a day when the global kidney cancer community comes together to raise awareness of key issues facing kidney cancer patients and their caregivers around the world


World kidney cancer community calls for more talk about treatment options

Studies by the International Kidney Cancer Coalition (IKCC) show that many kidney cancer patients aren’t aware of the treatment options that may be available to them and don’t discuss them with their doctors as often or as thoroughly as they should. 

Sometimes it’s because patients don’t feel they know enough or don’t feel they can question their doctors. Other times it’s because doctors don’t want to overwhelm their patients or their appointments are too short.

Talking about treatment options, including access to clinical trials, leads to better treatment outcomes. For example, 90% of kidney cancer patients say they would seriously consider being part of a clinical trial if they were asked; but fewer than half are ever asked and most have no idea what trials might be available for them. That’s why the theme for the IKCC World Kidney Cancer Day 2022 is:


We need to talk about treatment options


To help create more and better conversations between patients and their cancer care teams, the IKCC has launched a global online campaign, including the six questions every kidney cancer patient should feel able to ask their doctor, which patients can download and take to their next appointment.

On World Kidney Cancer Day itself there will be a landmark global webinar where patients and clinicians will discuss the challenges and opportunities of having better conversations about treatment options and answer questions about how we can do better.


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