Before the Meeting

If you have any material that you would like your provincial representative to read prior to the appointment, send it ahead of time. Make sure to keep it brief. Just before the meeting date, contact the constituency office to confirm the date and time, and let them know who will be attending. Consider going to these meetings with at least one other person. To coin a phrase – four ears are better than two.

  • Advise whom you will be bringing (keep it small and prepare ahead of time), and ask for information on who will be attending along with the decision-maker (if anyone).
  • Forward an agenda to keep the meeting on track.
  • If possible, gather knowledge about the people you will be meeting with (looking for common links you may have).
  • If you’re meeting with your provincial representative, it’s important to note if they are a government member or opposition member. Government members are closer to those in power, so they typically are in a better position to help you achieve your ‘ask’. Nevertheless, opposition members can also be helpful at raising awareness of your issues and getting the attention of a government that may not be listening.
  • Contact the person you are meeting with just prior to confirm…and be on time.

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