Getting the Meeting

Once your have your provincial representative’s contact information, telephone their constituency office and tell them who you are, that you live in the riding and that you would like to set up an appointment. Be sure to give a brief summary of what you’d like to talk about and ask to meet for 30 minutes preferably.

  • ‘No’ is not an option – do not let decision-makers refuse to meet with you.
  • Make an initial telephone call well in advance of when you want to meet.
  • Have a letter prepared to e-mail that briefly outlines why you want to meet with that person.
  • After the letter is e-mailed, follow-up repeatedly until you get the meeting – be persistent.
  • If offered a meeting with a staff member, take it – such meetings are a good first step, but ultimately you should still be seeking a meeting with your MPP/MNA/MLA/MHA.
  • Threatening anyone – i.e. if you do not do what we are asking you to do, our group will work to have you defeated in the next election.
  • Make an appointment to go and speak with a decision-maker when you only have an idea, but no context around your issues or key messages developed.
  • Make a technical presentation to a person who has no background in the area.

Next step: Before the Meeting

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