Your Presentation

This is where you deliver your key messages and your one ‘ask.’ While you may not have a formal presentation, make sure to review the background of the issue you’re putting before your provincial representative and know your core facts (i.e. how many people suffer from kidney cancer in your province). Be results or resolution focused, not complaints focused, and talk about why things need to change around your issue and the solutions you propose.

  • If your presentation is of a more formal nature, involving multiple people, you may want to consider using PowerPoint slides (paper handouts) – but make it brief (10-12 slides).
  • Build it around your 3 key messages.
  • Repeat your 3 key messages throughout.
  • Know your issues and core facts – if you are asked a question that you do not know the answer to, commit to getting the information requested.
  • Conclude with your one ‘ask’ and how you propose it be done (come with solutions).
  • Know how long the meeting is and leave enough time for discussion.
  • Don’t go off, or get pulled off, on a tangent.

Next Step: In the Meeting

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